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Friends of Football


Welcome to friends of Loughborough Football

The network of supporters and alumni of Loughborough football is already really strong, and we hope including the Friends of network will only enhance this further. Whether you are a recent graduate, or played back in the mists of time, we want to hear from you!Womens Photo Website

The purpose of the Loughborough Sporting Club: Football is to build a network and provide a connection point for former Loughborough University Footballers that helps to preserve the Loughborough sporting excellence and spirit; plus to harness the talents and reach of that network to support current and former club members.

There are some great memories and stories to share, so make sure you get involved!

          Patron                               Chair

Bob Wilson (1960-63)              Andy Cale (1983-85)







Rod Thorpe (60s)                    Dave Bunker (60s)






                          Lead Members

Tim Crane (80s/90s)            Lee Howarth (80s/90s)


Ross Emery (90s/00s)           Peter Simmons (00s/10s)

                  Communications team
Mark Prescott (80s/90s)            Josh Hill (00s/10s) 


Era Champions

Era Champions are honorary roles to represent their era by acting as figureheads and spreading the word of the LSC:F and developments of the current football programme through their generation

          Clive Bond                    Terry Casey                         Roy Jones

            (mid 50s)                  (late 50s/early 60s)                   (mid 60s)







       Mike Springett                 Brian Griffiths                 Steve Roper 

      (late 60/early 70s)                  (mid 70’s)                    (early/mid80s)







       Rich Bertram                 Mark Prescott                   Jon Reddin 

       (mid/late 80s)                (late80s/early 90s)                (early 90s)







         Liam Kane                   Andrew Parrott               Robbie Simpson 

         (mid 90s)                        (late 90s)                      (early 00s)







       Alex McEwan                   James Aldred 

       (mid/late 00s)                (late 00s/early 10s)


If you want to get in contact with any of the Era Champions or Lead Members then please feel free to email

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Click for list of Members
(Names will be updated bimonthly starting April 1st)