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Freshers 2018 Freshers 2018

Trials and Tasters 2018

During the Fresher’s period, a number of the AU clubs hold trials and/or taster sessions to both select their squads for the coming year and also to enable you to experience what it would be like to form part of an AU club at Loughborough. You will be able to find out more details below, and also at the Sports Bazaar on Saturday 29th September (located in Sir David Wallace Sports Hall). Please be aware that trials can be extremely competitive and for certain sports (including men’s football, men’s rugby union, netball and hockey), there will be numbers trialing far in excess of the places available for each team. If however, you are unsuccessful at this point in being selected for the AU, or you decide that AU club sport at Loughborough is not for you, there are a multitude of other opportunities available to get involved in playing, coaching and volunteering in sport at Loughborough University and there is definitely a place for you!