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Frequently Asked Questions

As a Loughborough fresher, you’ll know doubt have lots of questions about all of the great sporting opportunities on offer. We’ve tried to answer them below, but if you have anymore, email us at or tweet @lborosport with your question and we’ll get back to you.

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Volunteering and Coaching:
Your frequently asked questions answered:

How do I get involved as a volunteer?
Its simple, go to sign up and enter your details. From here a volunteer leader will be in touch regarding moving your application forward and the required information you need.

What training opportunities will I get as a volunteer?
We have registered as a Sports Leaders UK Training Centre and will be delivering nationally recognised qualifications throughout the year for volunteers to sign up to. We also work with our partners to get certified qualifications delivered to volunteers at significantly reduced prices or free, such as Emergency First Aid, sports specific qualifications and finally training workshops throughout the year.

What are the longer term benefits of being a volunteer?
Volunteering has been proven to help provide opportunities for undergraduates to gain experience whilst gaining their degree. Volunteers will gain experience in a specific field and develop through these experiences but they will also be exposed to a working environment with key internal and external staff and organisations that can help their networking opportunities.
Longer term student employability is crucial to the success of our Volunteer Academy and as such we have set up key working relationships with external bodies to create further volunteering opportunities for students to gain a wider knowledge, but also paid internships for students to gain their first job when graduating. With paid internships internally within Loughborough Sport as well as externally with companies such as Limelight Sport and National Governing Bodies (NGB’s), we have managed to secure opportunities for volunteers to move into these at the end of their development pathway.

I already have a busy schedule and won’t be able to commit regularly, is this a problem?
The great thing about volunteering is that you can say ‘NO’. We do not expect people to have to give up other interests, studies, or work to volunteer. Instead we see volunteering complementing what students are already doing. Many of our volunteers are also involved in other sections and if anything we see this as a benefit. What we do ask is that volunteers are organised and manage their own time efficiently and that you are aware to communicate any issues in not being able to attend things.

Recreational Sport:

Your frequently asked questions…answered:

What is My Lifestyle?
My Lifestyle is a free programme of sports which is available to anyone at Loughborough.

What is the difference between the ‘activities’ and ‘fitness classes’?
Activities are totally free and you can just turn up to these whenever you want without booking. Fitness classes are slightly different in that you have to book these and they cost £1.50 for students.
Click here for the My Activities timetable and the Fitness Classes website. 

I’m worried that I won’t be good enough because I’ve never played before or haven’t played in ages?
There’s no pressure on anyone at any of the sessions. The activity is strictly recreational and all abilities are most welcome. In fact, we like it when you’ve never played before as it shows you’re trying something new!

I live in town, can I still get involved?
Yes! The sessions are available to any student studying at the University or Loughborough College.

I came to a session, enjoyed it and now I would like to book a court for me and my friends – how do I do this?
Visit the Bookings section of the Loughborough Sport website – call one of the numbers on there and you can pay over the phone. Alternatively, head to the Sports Reception at Powerbase and book there!

How much does it cost to book Ball Park, Games Park, Paddock Pitch Up or Beach Park?
Nothing! All of these facilities are purpose-built for recreational usage. Come down to any of these whenever you’re not busy with some mates!

Is there somewhere to treat myself after all this hard work?
Yes, we have the physiotherapy clinic on campus which will offer physiotherapy or massage at a very good price. This is situated above Powerbase gym – just ask sports reception! 

Hall Sport:

What is IMS?

IMS (intra mural sport) is a free programme of competitive hall sport open to every Loughborough University and College Student. 40 different sports and over 60 fixtures a week make up the programme of league and one day events. IMS covers a wide range of sports, from your more traditional sports like Netball, Rugby, Cricket to sports you may have never tried before, like Canoeing, Ultimate Frisbee and Handball. Each hall puts forward a team to every league match and one day event and points are allocated to each hall based on their finishing position. At the end of the year all the points are added together and the IMS trophy is awarded to the winning hall during the IMS Presentation evening.

Why should I take part?

IMS is a fantastic way to quickly get to know lots of different people within your halls and make new friendships. Hall spirit is very high at Loughborough University and everyone wants their hall to come out top, IMS gives you the opportunity to really get involved with this. IMS also gives you the chance to try out sports you may have never done before as well as continuing sports you’ve played throughout college or sixth form. Weekly leagues means there’s never a shortage of competitive sport to play without the commitment to an Athletic Union club.

How do I get involved?

On your first day in halls many of the Sports Secs (the people in charge of sport in your hall) will explain the opportunities and how to get involved.  It’s the Sports Secs job to welcome you to the hall and the IMS programme and get as many people in the hall involved as possible. Throughout the year they will inform you of any events coming up or training sessions you might like to attend.

I want to join an Athletic Union (AU) club, can I still play IMS?

If you join an AU club you will not be able to take part in the same sport during IMS, for example AU netball players cannot play in IMS netball. This is to ensure that as many people as possible have access to the sports they want to play; however, you are welcome to take part in any other sport within the programme. To find out about different AU clubs –

I am not going to be living in halls, can I still play IMS?

IMS is open to every Loughborough Student. If you are not part of a hall you are able to affiliate to a hall, this will give you access not only to IMS but everything else hall life has to offer. If you are a fresher looking to affiliate simply look through the different halls, find one you like the look of and contact the committee who can help you with how to affiliate and advise you of any cost. 

Club Sport:

Your frequently asked questions…answered:

What AU clubs are there?
There are 54 AU Clubs ranging from Archery to Ultimate Frisbee. A full list can be viewed HERE.

When are the AU trials and taster dates?
A list will be available HERE

How much does it cost to join a club?
You have to pay a basic £15 to be a member of the Athletic Union (covers insurance etc.) and then each club has their own specific joining fee. This fee is subject to change year-on-year but to give you an idea of what the price could be similar to in 2015/16, here’s what the fee’s were for 2014/15

Performance Sport: (Back to Top)

Why should I choose Loughborough for my sport?
Don’t just listen to us; see what the current students think too!

Where do I find out about sports scholarships?
Our sports scholarship programme information can be found HERE.

I have an international competition that clashes with my exams – what do I do?
For all academic support please click HERE.

I want to compete for one of the performance sports – what should I do?
Contact the relevant coach for a further discussion

What sports support services do you offer?
We offer Sports Medicine services in the form of Physiotherapy and Massage as well as Sports Science services.

Do you have specialist athlete accommodation at Loughborough?
Yes – find out more HERE.

I would like to undertake a work placement or an internship with one of the performance sports – who should I contact?
Contact our volunteering coordinator and he will provide you with information on the latest opportunities.

I have another question about performance sport that isn’t answered here?
Contact Margaret, Performance Sport Administrator, who will be able to help you.