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Freshers 2018 Freshers 2018

IMS (Hall Sport) member Tom

Name: Tom

Course: Sports & Exercise Science

Main section of Loughborough Sport: IMS (Hall Sport)


Growing up in East Yorkshire, Tom always played a lot of sport, particularly rugby and racquet sports. Unfortunately Tom had a few nasty injuries from rugby and a lighthouse fall which meant sadly he had to give it up. 3 years on and Tom has just graduated with a degree in Sports & Exercise Science and is currently training for his first marathon in October.

What roles have you had in Loughborough Sport?

Faraday Hall male sports sec.

IMS Chair.

AU Exec.

Sports Leader at BUCS Big Wednesday.

How was being involved with Loughborough Sport helped you to develop and progress?

Loughborough Sport has enabled me to meet so many people; from like-minded students to Loughborough staff and a GB athlete or two as well. I’ve really developed my leadership and organisational skills as IMS chair leading my Exec Team as well as 64 hall sport secs!


What are your plans over the next few years? Has Loughborough Sport impacted your career plans in any way?

I’m just about to start a job at Hawk Eye as a Rugby Technical Guarantee working initially at the Rugby World Cup! The things I’ve done through Loughborough Sport confirmed that a career in sport was what I wanted to do and some of the skills I’ve developed have made me feel well-prepared to move into the professional world.

What’s the best advice you could give to a prospective student or fresher looking to gain the most out of their university experience?

Have no regrets. Don’t hesitate to throw yourself at any opportunities that interest you and sound enjoyable. Obviously being Loughborough too, the sporting opportunities are second to none!