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Freshers 2018 Freshers 2018

Coach and volunteer member Chris

Name: Chris

Course: History and Geography

Main section of Loughborough Sport: The Coach and Volunteer Academy.


Originally from Windsor, Chris has been involved in Sport all his life. A keen Rugby follower, Chris decided to get involved in other aspects of sport after injuries prevented him from playing Rugby on a professional level. We caught up with Chris  and learned more about his experiences within Loughborough Sport…

How did you first get involved with Loughborough Sport?

I went along to the AU Bizarre and saw the Volunteer Academy stand and was really up for getting involved in Loughborough Sport so I signed up then and there. Then whenever an opportunity popped up either on the website or by email I got involved. I tried as many different things as possible and decided that the media and events volunteering were the best bits for me.

What roles have you had in Loughborough Sport?

Volunteer Academy Events and Media volunteer, Loughborough Students Rugby Club Media and Communications Co-ordinator 2014/15, Match Reporter for the Loughborough Sport Website, Loughborough Sport Interview Volunteer Helper.

How was being involved with Loughborough Sport helped you to develop and progress?

Loughborough Sport has been vital in helping me gain the experience I needed in the field I want to go into. It has allowed me to put a great deal of new jobs and events on my CV and I have had great fun while doing it. The professional ethos of Loughborough Sport combined with the chances to have some great fun mean that it can set you up perfectly for life after University while having a great time.

What’s the best advice you could give to a prospective student or fresher looking to gain the most out of their university experience?

I would just say get involved with as many things as you possibly can, you will make some great friends along the way and you will soon find out what you enjoy doing the most if you don’t already know and then you can concentrate on the events and roles that make you most happy. There are so many different roles available you are bound to find your dream job just like I did!