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Freshers 2018 Freshers 2018

Athletic Union member Hayley

Name: Hayley

Course: Sport and Exercise Science

Main section of Loughborough Sport: The Athletic Union

Hayley au

Throughout her time at Loughborough, Hayley has been heavily involved in the AU through her contributions to Loughborough Students Dance. After an incredible year as Dance Chair, we caught up with Hayley to reminisce on her time with Loughborough Sport…

How did you first get involved with Loughborough Sport?

I knew from the beginning of my time at Loughborough that I wanted to be involved with Dance, it had been a major part of my life from the age of 2 and I knew I didn’t want that to change once I got to university! I was so keen that I even bought my membership before Freshers Week. I attended the AU Bazaar and spoke to the dance committee and felt at home right away!

What roles have you had in Loughborough Sport?

I’ve volunteered at many events as a Major Events Volunteer for the Coach and Volunteer Academy, such as the Loughborough International Athletics competitions and numerous Rugby fixtures.

In my second year I was Competition Coordinator on the AU Dance Committee, in that role I had to organise the biggest Inter-University Dance Competition in the UK in which over 1,500 dancers and 30 universities attended. The competition also raised nearly £3,000 for the CoppaFeel charity which was amazing.

Lastly, as a finalist I was Dance Club Chair. I had an incredible time and it was a fantastic year for the club, we had a sell out show, won 12 trophies and were the AU Club that was nominated and shortlisted for the most awards at the AU Ball where we won RAG Club of the Year!


How was being involved with Loughborough Sport helped you to develop and progress?

It has provided me with so many opportunities to broaden my skills through the various roles I have taken on. Being in each role has also massively improved my self-awareness, which is great for the future as I am now aware of where my strengths lie and I’m able to play to them in the world of work. It has also provided me with an amazing memories and experiences, having made some of my best friends at University through Loughborough Sport.

What’s the best advice you could give to a prospective student or fresher looking to gain the most out of their university experience?

When you get to university, don’t sit back and coast through. Make the most of your university experience by getting involved with as much as your course permits and you definitely wont regret it. You’ll end up creating some fantastic memories that will stay with you forever and guaranteed when you reach your graduation (which will come around sooner than you think!) you’ll find it hard to believe all of the things you have achieved.