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Football Football

IMS (Hall Sport)

IMS football allows hundreds of students the chance to play 11-a-side football at Loughborough; there are various opportunities to get involved. From the B league, where you can play regular fixtures in a competitive but social environment, to the All Stars programme where the very best players are selected to compete against the University Football Club.


Two fully officiated 11-a-side football leagues of 16 halls each. Halls of residence enter into the A league and B league and play a total of 30 fixtures over the course of the academic year.


The top teams are picked to represent Loughborough IMS against Nottingham’s best intramural teams.

All Stars:

Selected players train together and compete in a one off profile fixture against the University club.


IMS Football Cup:

A straight knockout competition between the 16 halls on campus with fixtures on some of campus’ top grass pitches. The final is played at Loughborough University Stadium and sees hundreds of fans from the competing halls get behind their teams.


Players can also compete in the IMS Futsal league. Fixtures are on a Monday night at the Ball Park.

Click here for the Rules and Regulations.