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Walkover Procedure

1) Departments failing to turn up for a fixture will lose by the sport specific walkover score eg. Football League: 5-0

2) Informed Walkovers: 

The department awarding a walkover must email/contact both the opposing department’s Sport SIO and the Social League Coordinator informing them they cannot field a team for the given fixture. 

3) Uninformed Walkovers:

If a department does not inform the opposition, or social league coordinator of their non-attendance they will be charged/debited the deposit amount* for that league on the first occasion. On the second  occasion the department will be removed from the league.

*Football= £40, Netball= £40, Tennis £10 (per place), Badminton £10 (per place) & Basketball £20

4) Uninformed Walkovers – One Day Events 

If a department does not inform the Department Sport Committee of their non-attendance (a minimum of 2 hours before the beginning of the ODE)  they will docked points. This decision will be enforced at the discretion of the Committee.