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Upcoming Women’s Football League!!

Semester two sees the beginning  of an exciting new womens football social league! Tuesday the 21st of February is the first day that this league kicks off for the year, with a mini tournament so teams can get to know eachother! Nicola Russell, the Loughborough University Football intern, told us about the new league and the exciting oppertunities that it hopes to offer!

Whats so exciting about the new league?

This is the first time we have launched a women’s football social league, and to have 6 teams registered is fantastic! We are launching in partnership with LboroGirlsCan, and as a result players can get LboroGirlsCan jumpers half price! Finally, it’s just a great opportunity to get involved in an enjoyable and fun league!

Why has it been important to start up the womens football league?

We know there is a demand for women’s football due to the number of players trialling for the AU club, so we want to ensure we are catering for everyone and building on the success of the recent IMS women’s football ODE! This also appeals to department and society teams who can earn points towards their final department and society standings.

Are there any key dates to look out for?

The league starts today (21st February) with a mini tournament so the teams can get to know each other! The league will then start next Tuesday!

What teams are signed up?

We have department teams from CBE, SBE, Mathematics, SSEHS and PHIR, as well as a Telford team and a team created through individual sign ups. It will be a great rivalry between the department teams, as well as some IMS vs. Department show downs!

Head over to the Department Sport Facebook page to check out pictures from the first event later this week!