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The Department Sport Programme is truly open to all students at Loughborough University. It gives you the opportunity to compete against friends in other departments in weekly leagues and 1-day events. If you haven’t yet found your place in your hall’s IMS teams or find that recreational sport isn’t competitive enough, Department Sport can offer you a great chance to get back involved in sport. 

You’ll also be contributing to your Department being crowned ‘Sporting Department of the Year’ through combined efforts in the Leagues and One-Day Events.

The 5 weekly league Sports are:






The 6 One-Day Events are:


Beach Volleyball


Touch Rugby

Tug of War


(These will be taking place throughout the academic year.)


If you want to get involved then you can email your department’s Sport Student Involvement Office (Sport SIO). You can find the full list of all department sport SIO’s here. They’ll give you loads more information about how to get involved in individual events and the leagues, which run all the way until May next year!

Alternatively, you can pop into the student sports office (upstairs in the union) and speak to Kate or Chris about all that Department Sport has to offer! They’ll also be able to direct you towards your SIO!

Why not head to the news section of the site, to keep up to date with all current leagues and one day events.