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Sports Science Support

What opportunities are there?

We are currently expanding our sports science support offer! At present we have opportunities for students to deliver support in Performance Analysis, Performance Lifestyle, Strength & Conditioning, Sport Psychology and Biomechanics. Many of these disciplines are working with tennis, but our performance analysis programme allows students to work with rugby, football, tennis, hockey, futsal, cricket and tennis at Loughborough.

Check out our Case Studies page to see examples of previous students who have benefited from this experience!

The Tennis Project is aimed at supporting students to gain valuable opportunities and experience in the tennis industry in their chosen field. As part of each pathway, you will receive: training and mentoring from experienced professionals, and, dependent on your preferred discipline, work experience opportunities and/or financial support to achieve relevant qualifications in return for the time you re-invest into Loughborough Sport Tennis.


How will it work?

Through our performance analysis programme you will learn how to collect and analyse performance data and perform benchmark analysis on performance throughout the season. This includes cumulative statistics, minutes played and injury data. Industry professionals will provide you with the appropriate training and continually support you throughout the year with mentoring and guidance. You will be placed within a specific sport, and will work closely with the coaches in that sport for the rest of the year. For further information on the other sports science disciplines, please email Sam Rouse.

We also run additional Masterclasses and Workshops to give you industry insight and development as an aspiring sports scientist. This year we will be hosting a range of Sports Science based sessions. Keep checking our CVA Portal to sign up for these master classes.


How to be part of this?

If you would like to apply for any of the above opportunities, please go to our CVA Portal, and complete your profile to apply.

To see other voluntary roles available within Loughborough Sport, visit our CVA Strands page.