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Marketing & Communications

What opportunities are there?

Are you looking to gain experience in the world of marketing and communications? Do you have specific interests in areas such as photography, graphic design or match reporting? Would you be interested in delivering these skills and many more? Each year, Loughborough Sport needs a small team of committed students to help meet the demands of marketing and communications across Loughborough Sport.

Check out our Case Studies page to see examples of previous students who have benefited from this experience!


How will it work?

Students will be able to apply for generic marketing and communications volunteering opportunities. From here, you will work closely with the Loughborough Sport marketing team to learn skills in a number of different areas. These include photography, videography, match reporting, graphic design, interviewing, social media, website design and blogging. There is the opportunity to work across a number of these areas, or to specialise in one within a particular sport. These opportunities are offered on a bespoke basis depending on the skillset of the volunteers. You will receive consistent support, guidance and mentoring from the Loughborough Sport marketing team.

The Tennis Project is aimed at supporting students to gain valuable opportunities and experience in the tennis industry in their chosen field. Within our Marketing and Communications strand, we have pathways available across digital, brand development and promotion, journalism, PR and social media. Each pathway will provide aspiring students with targeted workshops and mentoring support, as well as opportunities for shadowing and work experience with our partners in the tennis industry. The pathways offer a valuable insight into marketing and communications in the tennis industry, which will position enthusiastic students ahead of their peers when it comes to seeking employment.


When will it happen?

Applications for these positions will open following the Marketing & Communications Briefing. If you are successful, you will then operate across a number of roles for the rest of the year, guided by the Loughborough Sport marketing team or the Tennis team.


How to be part of this?

If you would like to apply for any of the above opportunities, please go to our CVA Portal, and complete your profile to apply.


To see other opportunities that we deliver, visit our  CVA Strands page or for other voluntary opportunities, visit our We Support page.