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Meet the Team


Sam Rouse

Volunteer Academy Coordinator – 

sam1My role is to develop, lead, manage and evaluate the work of the CVA from a volunteering perspective. I lead on the recruitment and deployment of volunteers within Gym Health & Fitness, Sport Science Support and the CVA Leadership programme.  I also support the wider SET team to recruit & train many of our sports committee members. We ensure that students develop personally and professionally to be the best they can be.

Alastair Richards 

Sports Volunteering Academy Assistant Coordinator – 

My role is to work alongside Sam to develop and evaluate the CVA. I am responsible for the development and testing of the CVA Portal, providing the best user experience possible. I also lead on the recruitment, deployment and evaluation of the Events and Marketing & Communication strands. My main driver is to empower students by giving them opportunities to explore the sports industry, whilst learning transferable skills.

Alexander Themis

Coaching & Officiating Administrator –

My role is to support and develop  students who want to coach, teach or officiate within sport, working closely with National Governing Bodies and schools to give students the opportunities to develop their skills. As part of this role I oversee the project called SportMAD (Sport Making a Difference). This project allows students to gain relevant qualifications and experience within the area they have interest of developing their career. My role is also to support students in becoming qualified and experienced coaches and officials. This includes student recruitment, training, development, deployment into opportunities to gain practical experience (such as in schools and communities through our Sport MAD programme, opportunities here at the University or with external partners) and retention.

Cath Harvey

Sports Volunteering & Employability Manager –


I’m responsible for the co-management of the Sport Experience Team (SET) and more specifically the development of students through sport. I oversee the CVA and work with a number of partners within the University including Careers & Academic Schools to maximise both the opportunities for students to volunteer within sport and gain valuable employability skills whilst simultaneously creating exit routes into the wider sports industry and careers in sport.



Join the CVA Portal HERE. This is where all the opportunities are posted!