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How to apply to the MCCU Programme

If you are interesting in playing cricket at University and have applied to Loughborough University to study, please fill in our enquiry form.

Step One – (August – September)

Once you have obtained your exam results and accepted your place at Loughborough University please complete the MCC Universities Application Form. This will then be forwarded to the Loughborough MCCU Coaches and Admin staff.

Step Two – (August – September)

Once you have either completed the MCCU Application form you will be sent an email within 2 weeks acknowledging your interest in applying for a place on the MCCU. With the acknowledgement you will receive a 2nd MCCU Trial Application form, which you will need to send back with one passport photo.

Step Three (September)

Once you have returned your 2nd MCCU Trial Application form with your passport photo you will be sent an email within 2 weeks with details of the MCCU Trials. After the trial process the Coach will determine which players will be offered a place on the scheme.

The assessment process normally consists of between 2-3 trials, which normally takes place within the first 1-2 weeks of term.