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Sasha’s Healthy Snack Hacks

Envisage this: it’s 3pm on a Wednesday, you’ve been stuck in Pilks for the majority of the day dealing with your 17402374 deadlines, eduroam is down and Tina from your course won’t stop messaging you asking for that mark scheme from three months ago. In a flurry of panic and glutton you reach for that sugar-packed, high-carb, fructose-filled snack (or 10) in the hope it will lift your mood. Fast Forward an hour and you’ve ploughed your way through a family pack of Haribo, a bar of Dairy Milk and enough Digestive biscuits to feed a small village.

Queue the snacking shame spiral. While those sweet treats served as instant gratification, you’re now left dehydrated, a fiver down and on a sugar come down that feels like it’s going to last until the end of Semester 3.

For me, snacking is the no.1 saboteur- the proverbial wolf in sheep’s clothing.

Now, I know there is nothing more tedious than #fitspo gurus telling you that beetroot is a sufficient supplement for brownies, so I have trialled and tested some recipes that aren’t soul-destroyingly bland, to combat cravings and avoid becoming a sugar-plump fairy right before the summer season.


C H I C K P E A   C O O K I E   D O U G H

Move over Bon Bon Café, there is a new kid on the block.



Add all the ingredients into a food processor and blend until smooth. Add the chocolate and enjoy!


Y O G H U R T   B A R K

Fancy something sweet and refreshing on a hot sunny day in Costa del Loughborough? Yoghurt bark is the perfect snack for you.