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3 WAYS TO GET BACK ON THE BANGWAGON (after falling off significantly)

My name is Sasha,  I’m 21 and currently a final year Fine Art student here at Loughborough. While I love my degree,  I am passionate about sport, currently training for a marathon and triathlon.

When I asked around with what other people wished they could be, two words came up time and time again- Fitter. Healthier. Happier. So whatever you want to be- fitter, healthier, happier, stronger, faster, more athletic, less slothful- this blog is here to help. It is an accumulation of advice from experts from Loughborough University, friends who have their lives together and me. I’ll be covering everything from eating well, training and sport at Loughborough, so make sure to stay tuned! 


3 WAYS TO GET BACK ON THE BANGWAGON (after falling off significantly)

January generates a lot of big ambitions, with many of us regarding the next 365 days to be the year we accomplish more, be better and reinvent your former, 2017 self. Fast-forward to the first week of march, and if you’re anything like us (or the other 80% of the population) you abandoned these starry-eyed ideals and audacious goals approximately seven weeks ago, regressing back to the exact same person you were at 11.59 pm on the 31st December. Despite coming up to spring, March has a tendency to sap the enthusiasm from our very souls: we are run down, bored of Base and don’t even get us started on the lack of 2 for 1 deals on Ben and Jerry’s in Sainsbury’s. So, what went wrong? Was it the post- FND Pappa Si’s binge? Too many Jungbombs in Firefly? In the spirit of optimism and to help you overcome the March slump and start the new year right (again), here are some helpful tips and tricks to get you back on the bandwagon.


  1. O N E >  O N E   H U N D R E D

Many of us prepare for failure before we’ve even left the hypothetical starting blocks, planning to magically transform every aspect of our lives under the pretence of ‘new year, new me’. I mean, are you realistically going to start detoxing, juice cleansing, running, saving, being alcohol free, career-driven, diligent, lean, kind, sociable, charitable AND have the motivation to get up for your 9am lectures 5 days a week? Probably not. Don’t burden poor March with a plethora of new intentions- in order to get back on track, focus and engage on making ONE change that will significantly impact the upcoming 9 ½ months. After all, one small change can catalyse many more.


  1. S E T G O O D   H A B I T S

One of the fundamental reasons why resolutions fail is that they aren’t made with longevity in mind, as Scott Adams once said, ‘losers have goals and winners have systems.’ It is therefore essential to transform your short-term resolutions into achievable habits, which you can realistically implement in your day to day life. Instead of making momentous goals, translate them into something more palpable which you can commit to over a long period of time. For example, if you want to lose weight, set specific, tangible habits like logging your food intake or committing to working out ‘X’ times a week.


  1. F I N D  Y O U R   R E A S O N   W H Y

It’s all well and good adopting these life-changing habits, but if your aim is to merely to ‘get a bikini bod’ or ‘spend less, save more’ without any substance or reasoning, chances are they are going to be as short-lived as those 6am cardio sessions you dragged yourself to the first week of January. Ensure your motive is substantial enough keep you on the straight and narrow during the darkest hours (a.k.a those late night McDonald’s cravings) by asking yourself a repeated chain of ‘whys’ until you unearth your deepest, most significant motivation. Then, when you feel yourself regressing to your former, junk-food-eating, Netflix-binging former self, you can remind yourself exactly WHY you started, making it 100 times more achievable to stick to your initial target.