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Merry Sporty Christmas

With Christmas just around the corner, most people will be heading home to spend the holidays with their families, and others might be visiting friends to celebrate with them. We asked some of Loughborough’s finest how they will be celebrating Christmas, what they are most looking forward to eating, and what they want to be listening to during the holidays.

First up is hammer prodigy and Loughborough student Taylor Campbell, who will be heading to Windsor to celebrate with his family. He is most looking forward to eating lots of pigs in blankets whilst listening to a remix of Rudolph the Red-nose Reindeer by DMX. The number one item on his Christmas list is a new aftershave, as he gets a new one every year and appreciates the change. In terms of training, he will still be training like usual, but says that he will not be “pulling any hero stunt and going out for a session on Christmas day, as I’ll be indulging”.

Someone else who will be indulging on Christmas Day is Loughborough Lightning cricketer Sonia Odedra. She will be celebrating with her husband and family, and will be spoiling herself with lots of Yorkshire puddings with gravy on the day. Sonia and her family will be dancing around the Christmas tree to Wizzard’s I Wish It Could be Christmas Every Day. Like Taylor, Sonia has asked for perfume, and she too will be training throughout the holidays as she has the advantage of having a cricket centre close to home.

Andrew Boyce, our men’s rugby captain, will also be spending the holidays at home with family and a couple of friends, and is looking forward to eating his mum’s Christmas lunch. When asked about his favourite Christmas song, Andrew had a very unconventional choice, choosing Stormzy’s Shut Up as his favourite song to jam to for Christmas. And when asked about the number one item on his Christmas list, the answer was ‘a job’! Training-wise, Andrew will be taking things quite easy, as he has ten days away from Loughborough. He says he will be doing a couple of running sessions and gym sessions on his own before returning to Loughborough.

Last but not least is Kumbirai Mutamba, men’s football captain. He’ll be celebrating by attending a big family party with extended relatives, and is looking forward to eating all the different meats that are prepared for Christmas dinner. If he gets to choose the music, his number one choice would be Mariah Carey’s classic All I Want for Christmas, and he would like a new onesie as his current one is getting too small. Ambitious with his training, Kumbirai will be in the gym four times per week as well as doing some ball work with his brother and friends on a couple of occasions.

Merry Christmas from everyone at Loughborough Sport!