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Jerome Goudie – Still Going Strong

He came to Loughborough in 1995 as a student, fully expecting to only be here for three years, but the ethos of the hockey and its culture at Loughborough University proved to be irresistible, so he never left. Meet Jerome Goudie, Loughborough Sport men’s hockey Head Coach and former England international.

Goudie originally came to Loughborough as a good squash player, and fully expected to follow that path, but with the support at the time much better for hockey, Goudie had to decide which sport he would choose.

I came to Loughborough with my squash at a much higher level than my hockey, but there wasn’t much support with squash, so I spent more time playing hockey. The social side of it was so good, so I made a lot of friends through hockey, and once I got more involved in the culture at Loughborough it just became more of a full-time experience.

Jason Lee (double Olympian, double Olympic coach and Head Coach for Loughborough men’s hockey for 10 years) was coach and player at the time, so he was a massive influence on both my playing and coaching careers.

Another person who had a great influence on Goudie at Loughborough was David Ralph, also an Olympic coach who coached at Loughborough for many years. On his influence, Goudie says:

It was a fantastic experience to work with David Ralph and I learnt a lot from him both in the indoor and the outdoor game. I think David Ralph and Jason Lee have got Loughborough hockey to where it is now. They put in a lot of work and they are obviously fantastic coaches in terms of what they have gone on to achieve. So I was really, really lucky to have been involved with them when they were taking charge.

When asked about staying at Loughborough for so long, Goudie cites the different opportunities available here as one of the main reasons that led him to stay for 22 years and counting.

The great thing about Loughborough is that I was here as a student, which then was a different experience to when I was here as a full-time athlete, which again was different to when I spent a year working for a sports clothing company, and then again very different to when I was coaching one of the teams here. So although I have been here a long time, those different eras have just meant that you’ve got to be different people, you have different people that you are engaging with, so it is a really interesting place to live.

In his 22 years at Loughborough, Jerome has experienced a multitude of different sporting and academic events, yet when asked about his highlights as a student he does not hesitate to mention winning BUCS at Milton Keynes against Brunel University.

Milton Keynes was the home of hockey. It was a packed stadium with Brunel supporters and Loughborough supporters and that’s when all the finals were held together. Loughborough were quite often in those finals, so the support was absolutely massive, and that was an absolutely fantastic experience.

He also mentions a couple of exceptionally proud moment as a coach whilst at Loughborough.

I am really proud of some of the individual girls that have come through the programme when I was coaching them, with some of them becoming BUCS winners, always constantly challenging for the league at the weekends, and then for some of them to have become bronze medallists in 

London, and then even more of them becoming gold medallists in Rio, those were some really proud moments for me and the individuals. As a team, a really proud moment for the Loughborough guys was to win the BUCS League a couple of seasons ago, when they also won the BUCS Cup and got promoted back into the National Premier League.

Goudie definitely highlights the opportunities which Loughborough has to offer to both student- athletes and coaches alike. He suggests that it is an environment that breeds professionalism, which can serve as an important stepping stone for anyone wishing to achieve great things.

Goudie will without a doubt go on to achieve even greater things, as no less than four current students whom are coached by Goudie were announced as part of the GB centralised squad this year, working towards even more success at Tokyo 2020.