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Alumnus Ross Edgley completes 24 hours of non-stop sport!

Ross Edgley take a bow. A Loughborough University graduate, Ross returned to his alma mater on Friday 1st of October to take on his latest crazy sporting challenge. Below Ross shares his thoughts about what 24 hours of non-stop sport felt like…


It was 6:00pm on Saturday the 1st of October. Sore but successful I had managed to complete 24 hours of non-stop sport. Was it hard? Yes, brutal. Would I do it again? Absolutely! The reason for this is hard to explain to someone who hasn’t walk around Loughborough University’s campus. But basically for most people who live and study here, sport is more than a game or a form of competition. It’s a job, it’s a passion but most of all it’s a way of life.

Ross Edgley Sam Oldham

This is why as soon as news spread around halls that a strange former student was doing 24 hours of sport, everyone wanted to come watch, support and get involved. Rowing was no longer a solitary event as I was joined by the rowing team who got me through the session, one 1km at a time. The gymnastics hall was filled with spectators who would cheer every one of my (clumsy) oscillations on the pommel horse. I was even joined by people on the marathon through midnight despite the fact winter is now well and truly upon us.

It sounds cheesy, but in 24 hours I witnessed the good and the great of Loughborough sport.

My favorite part? I won’t lie eating and fueling each sport was pretty awesome. With a gym bag full of protein bars dipped in peanut butter, we estimated I had over 20,000 calories. But in terms of the sport themselves, to learn from such legends as Sam Oldham (Olympic gymnast), Ashley Bryant (Commonwealth Games Silver Medalist in decathlon) and Rich Ellis (in my opinion one of the world’s best S&C coaches) was something I will never forget.

This is why I always say Loughborough really is a melting pot of sporting genius! Where some of the best athletes, coaches and nutritionists in the world can meet and exchange pioneering ideas. From 6:00pm on Friday 30th of September to 6:00pm on Saturday the 1st of October I was able to witness this first hand. Also in a strange way (and in keeping with the “melting pot” analogy”) I enjoyed being the oddly shaped “spoon” that was able to mix the ideas.

Will there be an event number two? Definitely! Let me eat lots, sleep more and then pass me a Red Bull and pre-workout and I will see you down Powerbase soon.

Ross Edgley is an athlete adventurer, chief sports scientist at THE PROTEIN WORKS™ and considered one of the world’s most travelled fitness experts. He specialises in pushing the boundaries of human physical potential and exploring uncharted territory in the world of sports science, fitness and nutrition. Follow him on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook and sign up to his free newsletter!