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Basketball W2 defeated after a hard-fought game against Royal Holloway

BUCS Basketball 2015-2016 Trophy
17th February 4.30pm Sir David Wallace Sports Hall

By Bethan Fagan

Loughborough Women’s Basketball second team were unable to topple Royal Holloway 1XV in a gruelling end to end performance, with the away team taking away a 57 – 63 win.

BUCS28thOct_092The W2’s last game was away versus Worcester where the ladies in purple were unable to secure the win against a formidable side as the game ended 45-53.  This week, the girls headed out for their BUCs trophy match against Royal Holloway, University of London 1XV in what was set to be a big game for both sides.

The first quarter began with Loughborough hard on the attack, with Christina Escubos netting points in the first few seconds. Holloway were denied possession by the Loughborough defence who managed to take back the ball each time the away team seemed dangerous. Chan Yin Chan was a key asset in maintaining the flow of the game, providing her teammates with multiple scoring opportunities. In the first two and a half minutes, Loughborough were leading the charge at 8-3. Jas Long’s speed across the court allowed for a fantastic link-up play between Yin Chan and Millie Grosvenor.

Monique Caruana’s substitution onto the court brought new aggression as the girls in purple began to put away ball after ball in Holloway’s net. With two minutes to go of the first quarter, Loughborough had a three-point lead with the scoreline at 16-13. Despite a rough start, Holloway began to creep up the scoreboard. After keen accuracy from Jas Long, Loughborough lead into the second quarter with the scoreboard reading 19-15.

After a threatening start to the second quarter from a renewed Holloway offense, the game stopped for a short period for an injury. Time came back on, the ladies in purple were unable to hold back the Holloway girls as they were relentless in their attack putting themselves head with a three-point lead. The away team put away basket after basket and it seemed as though the game had turned in their favour.

Hannah Harris and Grosvenor were key in offensive plays, with Long working hard to keep the ball safely away from Loughborough’s net. With five minutes of the second quarter to go, the score rested at 19-27 to Holloway. Caruana was key in Loughborough’s reaction to Holloway’s offense, charging up the court and giving the girls multiple opportunities at goal.

HT: Loughborough 28 – 33 Royal Holloway

The third quarter kicked off with Holloway yet again threatening the Loughborough defence. Loughborough managed to put away a few points after Holloway fouls but the eight point lead by the away team was clearly becoming an obstacle for the girls. In defense, Long managed to prevent a dangerous Holloway offensive play putting the ball back into purple hands. Caruana made light work of every defender who came her way, but Loughborough’s accuracy became a problem when it came to scoring. Four minutes to go until the end of the third quarter and Holloway maintained the 8-point lead over Loughborough. An end to end performance by both teams in the final three minutes of the third quarter.

Loughborough entered the fourth quarter down by twelve points, 42-54 to Holloway. The ladies had ten minutes to make it back up the scoreboard, and with the home crowd growing the excitement in the Sir David Wallace sports hall grew as well. A huge 3-pointer from Yin Chan put the girls back into contention receiving huge applause from the spectators.  Caruana frequently rushed up the court when possession came into Loughborough hands, with Faye Newman providing support plays. With five minutes to go in the fourth and final quarter, Loughborough worked furiously to close the gap on the scoreboard. Hannah Harris was a menace in defence, preventing several Holloway points and scoring for Loughborough. Unfortunately, they were unable to make back the points and Holloway took home the win after a hard fought match.

FT: Loughborough 57 – 63 Royal Holloway

The W2 are back in action against the University of Cambridge 1XV on the 3rd of March, away.


Team Sheet

  1. Chan Yin Chan
  2. Monique Caruana
  3. Jas Long
  4. Elysa Ioannou
  5. Faye Newman
  6. Millie Grosvenor
  7. Christina Escubos
  8. Hannah Harris
  9. Holli Demirel

Head Coach N. Green