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Loughborough Sport My Lifestyle Graduate: Alice Ogden

Name: Alice Ogden

Course: Geography and Sports Science

Main section of Loughborough Sport: My Lifestyle

Alice Ogden 6x4

After graduating this week, we caught up with Alice to find out about her Loughborough Sport experience..

How did you first get involved with Loughborough Sport?

I have been involved in Loughborough sport in two ways; I have been part of Loughborough University Hockey Club since I was a fresher. During fresher’s week I also joined the Coach and Volunteer academy, this allowed me to gain coaching qualifications in sports such as handball and netball. I was then given the chance to become the handball activator in my second year, which allowed me to lead my own handball sessions as part of the My Lifestyle program.

What roles have you had in Loughborough Sport?

-Activator for both Handball and Rush Hockey as part of the My Lifestyle Program. My Role as Handball Activator led me to apply to be on the My Lifestyle Committee as a Student Sports developer.

-Coached as part of the school visits program where schools from the local community come to the university and I delivered sports sessions for them.

-Volunteered at many events on campus such as the European hockey event, and the Loughborough vs. Manchester United football match, these events all accumulated to allow me to take up a role as team leader for the Big Bucs Wednesday event held on campus.

-Coaching in Zambia as part of the sports IDEALS project. This will be a once in  a lifestyle experience and will draw on everything I have learnt through being part of Loughborough Sport over the past three years.

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How was being involved with Loughborough Sport helped you to develop and progress?

Being part of Loughborough sport has allowed me to develop in confidence, interpersonal skills and teamwork, as well as developing my coaching skills through CPD sessions run by the university. My involvement in Loughborough Sport has definitely made me a more well rounded person and I wouldn’t be the person I am today if I hadn’t got involved from the start.

What are your plans over the next few years? Has Loughborough Sport impacted your career plans in any way?

I am looking to go into a career in sports development, and the experience I have gained particularly through my role on the My Lifestyle committee not only confirmed that this was the career path for me but also allowed me to gain invaluable experience in a sports development role.

What’s the best advice you could give to a prospective student or fresher looking to gain the most out of their university experience? 

In order to gain the most out of the Loughborough experience I believe you have to get involved, it allows you to gain a huge group of friends as well as giving you with skills and experience that will be invaluable when going for jobs in the future.

Many congratulations to Alice on her degree results and we wish her all the best in the future! Keep in touch Alice!