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Preview: Student Riders vs Lancashire Spinners

Loughborough Student Riders are set to take on the Lancashire Spinners in the NBL, with the Student Riders looking to maintain it’s momentum near the top of the table.

Coach Mark Jarram however, believes his team is more than capable to deal with the challenges that lay ahead:

“The group is in a relatively good place right now. However, this year the league is extremely competitive and we are not taking anyone for granted. Teams are beating everyone and it is great for the league and helps teach this young group that they have to be focused and ready every game.”

The last time the two teams met, the Student Riders came away with a whitewash win of 106-38 a score the Spinners will be keen to put right this Saturday. The team has now added numerous players in a bid to revamp its squads and be competitive, once again in the NBL.

Coach Jarram knows this and will not be letting he side underestimate them this upcoming Saturday.

“Even though Spinners had a difficult start to the season, they have added new players and are playing undoubtedly better basketball.

“Over the recent weeks they have been extremely competitive and that’s evident in having one or two possession games. We definitely know we are facing a different team to our first encounter and will have to ensure there is no complacency and we remain focused on what has helped put us in the current position we are in.

“We are still looking to improve every week as we focus towards the playoffs and finishing the regular season as best we possibly can.”

The team will then travel to the leaders in what is set up to be a awesome tie in the Men’s National Trophy Semi-Final, with the winner getting the chance to play either Manchester Magic or Team Northumbria in the final.