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Polo is the best way to carry on horse riding whilst at university. Our aim is to provide students with an amazing social and sporting experience. We want to give as many people as possible the opportunity to experience polo and become a confident player. Even if you have never played polo before it is a great sport to try and lots of fun for everyone involved. It offers the opportunity to do something entirely new with horses and get involved in one of Loughborough’s many sporting teams. We will also be working with the Equestrian Club to bring together all the students who have an interest in horses and deliver some truly amazing socials.

You will have weekly lessons to help improve your game. This all happens at Rugby Polo Club which has a wide selection of horses and some great instructors to guide you through polo. They also offer practice matches and friendlies against other universities who also use Rugby Polo Club, it’s a great way to play polo and socialise with players at other universities. Lessons are at student prices, so money shouldn’t be a worry which makes this the best time to try out polo and get a taste for it.

Each year there are two major competitions run by SUPA. These are winter and summer nationals which occur in mid-February and mid-June respectively. Both consist of four days of playing polo against other universities from across the country. We enter teams at all levels so even if you have just started polo you are still able to compete at nationals. It is a fantastic opportunity to play polo competitively against other universities and socialise with like-minded people. We also try and enter as many friendlies and other tournaments as possible so you can really get the most out of Polo each year.

If you’re interested and want to know more then please email any questions you have for me at Alternatively you can contact me on my Facebook, either way I will happily respond.

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