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AU Mountaineering Cl... AU Mountaineering Club

About Us


1. What / who is LSMC?
LSMC is Loughborough Students Mountaineering Club. We are part of the Loughborough Students Athletic Union.

2. What do you do?
We do lots, it mostly involves mountains.

Climbing, walking, scrambling, mountain biking, skiing, alpine climbing, ice climbing, Scottish winter climbing, drinking, partying etc etc.

We also have lots of members who are into their bouldering we even have our very own bouldering wall in the EHB. We regularly have unofficial trips to the local climbing walls as well. Including:

The Climbing Station, Loughborough
Nottingham Climbing Centre
The Tower – Beaumont Lees, Leicester
Alter Rock in Derby
The Climbing Works, Sheffield

There are lots of organised trips each year. (see next section) but the club aims to support any mountain based activity, and is just really a group of people who like to be in the mountains, and when we can’t be in the mountains, talk about what we want to do when we are in the mountains. We have a couple of training sessions each week to keep the fitness up (one cardio based, one strength). And normally a pub session each week to keep the drinking up.

We have lots of shiny climbing gear you can borrow, and lots of camping and general mountaineering kit too.

Members also benefit from special offers on membership at The Climbing Station, an amazing bouldering facility in Loughborough. No matter when you go down you’re almost certain to find someone from the club to climb with, we also run training and coaching sessions from here. You can find out more about this at

3. What trips do you run each year?
Official trips include:

All of these trips include a variety of activities including walking, climbing and scrambling. All levels of experience are catered for so don’t worry if you’ve never climbed before or done much outdoors!

Though that is not a comprehensive list of what we do as a club. Members are always planning their own trips away to far off locations, including the Alps, Scotland, Sport climbing in some hot European country or Bouldering in the Peak District. Make sure you get on the forum to keep up to date with anything that is being planned!

Please go to  for more information.