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AU Takeover Hey Ewe

Before Christmas, LSLC took part in the annual AU Takeover Hey Ewe heats, dressed up as Lions (and bacon!?) and soared straight into the final. Hey Ewe VS AU involves a series of challenges, in which a lot of the AU clubs take part in and the 15 clubs with the most points make it into the final. The heats had various games; a press up challenge, a handstand challenge, limbo and a new game called hungry hippos and more. Despite us not being very good at hungry hippos, we still got through to the next round, smashing all the other activities!

At the end of February, it was the AU Takeover Hey Ewe final. With a new theme of Mario and Luigi, LSLC were ready to take on the challenges once again. We started with another new game: the gladiator challenge. This was a difficult activity, where you and your opponent stood on beams and one had to knock the other off using a pugil stick. We had a good start to the night and dived straight into the other activities.

After having multiple goes on the obstacle course, the escape game, ping pong challenge, the drinking game and again hungry hippos (we’ve gotten better at this, thank goodness!!) plus others we thought we were in good stead to finish high.

About 5 minutes before the last challenge was due to start, we realised we were almost bottom in the wheelbarrow race! This involved 3 pairs; one holding the others legs, going around 8 metres, drinking a drink while still in the wheelbarrow position and then back 8 metres and the 3 pairs did this one after the other. For the last chance of this, we had our 6 strongest boys and soared straight to the top of the leader board for it just before we were told to head to Room 1 for the final challenge. The points had been added up while the challenges were going on.

It was what felt like a long wait till the results. They were read out in reverse order. After 3rd place was read out, we knew we were either 1st or 2nd. We all waited anxiously and screamed so loud when we heard “In first place, LIFESAVING!” We couldn’t believe it!

Winning AU Takeover Hey Ewe was a great achievement for LSLC, as we’ve never been top 3 before never mind won it! We also received £200 for the club for winning, which is a fantastic help for the club and is being put towards funding new equipment and further socials- for example our upcoming End of Season Ball!

Heather Richardson

Social Secretary