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It’s a wrap! 2016-2017 season complete!





Our BUCs Season has officially come to an end! With many accomplishments to be truly proud of. Our 4teams1club have made exceptional progress this season with:

• 1s Squad finishing 5th place in the BUCs Premier North League & making it to the quarter-finals of the BUCs Football Championship Cup

• 2s Squad finishing 4th place in the BUCs Midlands 1A League & making it all the way to the finals as runners-up in the BUCs Football Trophy Cup

• 3s Squad finishing 3rd place in the BUCs Midlands 2A League

• 4s Squad finishing 3rd place in the BUCs Midlands 3B League

Not forgetting our incredible Futsal Squads with 2 teams achieving 115 BUCs points, and been awarded as the 4th best programme in the country. The amount of futsal specific movements and principles explored has helped to expand our futsal knowledge; and has really pushed our futsal teams much further than ever before.

With our 4teams1club bagging 118 BUCs points this season, Loughborough Women’s Football Club have gained 233 points in total – an unbelievable and outstanding achievement stemming from every player, coach and staff.

We must emphasise the real dedication and commitment from those involved in our club. A huge thank you to the friends and family who have supported our games physically and virtually; to those who have put in the time and effort behind the scenes; to the girls who put in their heart and soul every training session and BUCs matches. The patience, diligence and application are not only reflected in our overall BUCs scores, but also through our personality and character.

Our club have experienced a major transition in this particular season – with many graduating students leaving, it gave us the opportunity to recruit more freshers. It takes time for new players to settle within the club which can be nerve-racking at first. However, through our weekly socials, team bonding nights, squad classroom sessions and an unforgettable TOUR experience… this helped them become more confident and truly feel part of the club.

We would like to express our special thanks to James Barlow, Head Coach, whose leadership, knowledge and passion have guided our club’s operation to the highest quality.

It’s fair to say we have had a very enjoyable and remarkable season, which will remain as a special and memorable experience, with LSWFC.