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AU Executive 2018/19

On Monday 12th March 2018, at an Athletic Union General Meeting the AU Executive Elections were held. Each candidate had two minutes to present to the Clubs and then questions were taken from the floor. Votes were cast, with one vote per club present in the meeting. The results can be seen in the table below:

Total Valid Votes Quota
Club Development Officer 40 20
Brodie Miller 25
Jennifer Mackenzie  14
Grant Underwood  1
RON  0
Events Officer 41 20.5
Lucy Simpkins 28
Christa Colledge  13
RON  0
Finance Officer 41 20.5
Alison Wainscot 38
RON  3
Media & Marketing Officer 41 20.5
Rachel Bateman 38
RON  3
Secretary 40 20
Grace Adams 35
RON  5
Sports Events 41 20.5
Matthew Leonard 41
RON  0
Welfare Officer 41 20.5
James Greer 23
Kirsten Flower  16
RON  2

Meaning your AU Executive 2018/19 are:
AU President: Oren Flynn (Sport E.O. Elect)
Secretary: Grace Adams
Club Development Officer: Brodie Miller
Events Officer: Lucy Simpkins
Finance Officer: Alison Wainscot
Media & Marketing Officer: Rachel Bateman
Sports Events Officer: Matthew Leonard
Welfare Officer: James Greer

Congratulations to all candidates. Applications to join the AU Executive Sub-Committees will open next week, so if you would like to be a part of this fantastic team be sure to apply.

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