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Performance Sport Induction

In October 2013,  our Performance Sport Squads took part in a new Induction event at Loughborough University and Welbeck Defence College.

What is the Performance Sport Induction about?

82 first year student athletes attended the induction process this year from 11 of our performance squads.

Feedback from attendees:

All attendees were invited to complete the Performance Sport Induction survey, 31 students took this opportunity to share their thoughts.

100% would recommend the induction process to future first years.

90% of those who attended the programme perceived the process as excellent or good, the remaining 10% defining it as satisfactory.

The highlight of the process being recognised as the opportunity to make new friends with common goals, the practical team building tasks, social media training, the cooking experience and our key note speaker Fuzz Ahmed.

Here are some of the comments made by students regarding the experience:


‘Great opportunity to meet other performance athletes and share experiences’

‘Made friends with someone on a similar course’

‘Really good food and helpful that we got cooking lessons!’

‘Getting to know people from other sports, who otherwise I wouldn’t have got to meet’

‘Great to meet different athletes from many sports. Having a meal on the evening also helped to make conversation and have a good time’

‘Listening to the speaker Fuzz Ahmed was probably the best experience for me as he was funny but also very insightful and knowledgeable’

‘The presentation from Fuzz gave me an inspiring insight into being the best’

‘Fuzz was brilliant, really entertaining and engaging’

We command the best possible standards from our performance sport support services and as such will look to refine yet further all aspects of the induction process for the cohort arriving next year.

Next Year

Feedback we will look to deploy next year: