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Are you ready to really challenge yourself?

Do you continually strive to be the best you can be?

Can you thrive in a highly competitive environment?

If the answer to all of these questions is yes then read on, because YOU can achieve great things both academically and sporting whilst at Loughborough. Coaches, academic and administrative staff here will understand your drive to succeed and are passionate about you realising your potential but you must be willing to put the hard work in yourself.


Achieving excellence does not happen overnight and you will require commitment and determination, discipline and commitment, as well as the ability to manage your time effectively. Not only will you have the opportunity to gain first class education, but you will be part of an unrivalled sporting environment. This unique combination will set the foundations for you not only to compete but to achieve all that you ever wanted and more!


In addition to building on some of your current personal skills and attributes, the Performance Life Skills programme is designed to develop some of the following (amongst others): self-awareness, self-reliance, time management, communication and decision making skills. We will offer significant support, but ultimately you need to step up and take responsibility for your decisions, goals and achievements and ultimately be proactive to make things happen.

Some elements of the programme are entirely voluntary and will help you to be the best that you can be in your sport and your education. Other elements of the programme will be very closely integrated into the work of the Head Coach leading your sporting programme. These elements will be as specific to your needs and the needs of your fellow squad members as possible. You will be offered mentoring and workshop sessions (see below), and the programme will also provide information on a variety of subjects designed to increase student-athlete knowledge on performance-related areas.

Who can access the programme?

• Sports Scholars – any student-athlete receiving a Loughborough University 2012 or LSSF scholarship

• All TASS scholars or receiving a TASS Award based at Loughborough University or Loughborough College

• Any student athlete members of a Performance Sport elite squad or first team at Loughborough University

How to access the Programme?

Performance sport squad members – speak to your coach in the first instance. He or she will have further information about the programme and exactly what is available to whom

This leaflet outlines the whole support package available to our performance-level student-athletes.

A list of the Performance Sports can also be found by clicking this link.

For those who are receiving a scholarship but aren’t part of a performance sport squad please contact James Farndon on (Education and Development Manager, Performance Sport) or 01509 226103.


Opportunities for personal development are significant whilst at Loughborough. The Sport Development Centre has recently enabled selected members of Performance Sport Squads to undertake a comprehensive Leadership Development programme throughout the academic year including sessions to increase self-awareness, communication and presentation skills amongst other skills. Students have gained the opportunity to develop the skills necessary for post athletic careers whilst also improving team performance on and off the field / court. Further information about this can be provided through Head Coaches of the Performance Sport Programmes or from the Education and Development Manager for Performance Sport – Simon Wombwell –