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Our students are the next generation of elite sportspeople, future coaches, physiotherapists, sports medics and nutritionists. Embedding the right attitudes now will support the next generation of athletes too. The University plays an essential role in promoting sport and healthy lifestyles and nurturing and developing sporting achievement among the student body. Our continued involvement in collaborative pilot work demonstrates our support to colleagues at UK Anti-Doping, but also illustrates Loughborough’s 100% commitment to clean sport.



The University continues to be at the fore front of developments in anti-doping, being the pilot site for projects designed to raise awareness of anti-doping issues and to educate students and all campus users. The findings from the Loughborough pilot will help inform UKAD in developing a national programme designed for Universities and other sports institutions.


Students and all campus users are informed about anti-doping and the actions to take to avoid making the wrong decision, as well as further promotion of the importance of a ‘healthy body’. This will reinforce clean sport messages to the student body, and also will be visible to visitors on campus to demonstrate the University’s unequivocal commitment to anti-doping.


The University demonstrates its unequivocal commitment to ‘Clean Sport’ by continually using educating as the best form of prevention on Campus. Collaborative work with UK Anti-Doping has further expanded the team of onsite accredited anti-doping trainers who share anti-doping knowledge with coaches, teams and athletes. Loughborough students have also been selected to work as ambassadors for clean sport.


Loughborough University supports the 100% me campaign which is about being successful, confident and retaining the values of clean, fair competition. We do this by encouraging all student athletes to embrace the 5 key values of 100% me, which are:

1. Hard work 2. Determination 3. Passion 4. Respect 5. Integrity

We ensure that 100% me drugs awareness training is compulsory for all first years in performance sport elite squads. Workshops are provided by members of our very own Education Delivery Network on Campus and can be arranged through your coach or the Education and Development Manager for Performance Sport. Workshops are based on the skills and abilities performance athletes require in order to achieve in a clean sporting environment and are a vital part of the Performance Life Skills Programme.

The Clean Sport Pledge

The Clean Sport Pledge


Quote from John Steele;

“There’s no doubt this is an extremely challenging time for sport globally, as it’s integrity and ethics are being challenged on many levels. At Loughborough University we are committed to playing our part in keeping the values and powers of sport intact. That’s why we have worked so hard over the last four years to become the first University to achieve this status.”

Loughborough receives UKAD plaque

If you would like further information about our anti-doping programme or suggest another workshop area then please see your coach or the Education and Development Manager for Performance Sport, Simon Wombwell –


Further information on the 100% ME programme can be found on the 100% ME website as follows:

Please see summary-of-major-modifications-and-exploratory-notes 

You can also Join 100% me on:


Twitter @UKAntiDoping